3 Reasons to Move to Palace

3 Reasons to Move to Palace

Are you looking at changing your property management software so you can manage your rental portfolio more efficiently and concentrate on growing your rent roll? Here are 3 reasons why you should move to Palace:

  1. Easily convert your current database to Palace.

    Depending on your current software, Palace can usually take the data and convert it into Palace. The amount of data will depend on the software you are currently using, we can take anything from Owners Properties and Tenants to full transactional history. The team at Palace will take care when converting your data and carefully explain the process. Dedicated training is available to all new clients and is carried out online, onsite or in our offices (situation dependant), ensuring your team will start with a good working knowledge of Palace.

  2. Get an up-to-date analysis of your business with KPI reports, graphs and comparisons.

    This trust accounting software can generate extensive reporting and analysis of your business performance. This will help you identify growth and investment areas, so you can focus on growing your rent roll.

  3. Streamline your workflow with your favourite apps.

    Palace integrates with more than 30 of your favourite apps, so you can organise your rental advertising, tenant applications, maintenance jobs, admin and much more from within Palace.

Grow your property management business with Palace.


What our customers say:

Lara Brown | Wholistic Property Solutions, Canberra

lara brown

"This company is truly remarkable. Their support and after-sales service are amazing, all things considered, that we are in Australia and they are in NZ. The product is innovative and fairly easy to use, and if not, lots of tutorials, training and support available. I've never had an issue with any of the support team members, they are always happy and willing to help, and if they can’t, they find someone straight away who can. Keep up the great work guys, your company should be proud."


Tracy Goldsmith | No-1 Property Limited, Auckland

Tracy Goldsmith 

"I am very new to Palace on the financial side and have had to get assistance a few times on how to process or correct a transaction. Each time I have received prompt responses with a step by step guide and if it has been a slightly more complexed issue, a member of their support team has always rung me and walked me through the entire process. They have always been extremely friendly and above all, patient. Thanks for the awesome service and for that, you get a big fat 5-star rating from me. Keep up the good work!"

What can Palace do for you?

Watch this video and learn about the comprehensive features Palace has to offer.


Grow your property management business with Palace.