August Top Solutions

August Top Solutions

This month we're changing it up, we're focusing on areas that have caused some issues but have now been resolved.

Issues Found & Resolved

These are related to the settings Held Tenancy Funds to Start Date and Uncleared Funds. This is an explanation of the issues found. All of them have now been fixed.

- Reports: Owner Payment Generate Summary / Owner Payment Generate / Single Owner Statement
(Owner → Edit drop-down → Reports → Owner Statement) Includes an extra day in uncleared funds calculation if it is generated before UTC rollover (before 12 pm).

- Report: Month-end Owner Statements generated from Owner Reports area
Not showing uncleared funds correctly if statements are generated after payouts.

- Owner payment processing (only affecting databases on the new payment process)
Uncleared funds calculation includes an extra day (i.e. holds back 4 days when the system set to 3 days for uncleared). If payments are processed before midday which causes transactions to fail as the ‘Generated payment amount’ on the ‘Unprocessed transactions' screen (correct amount) doesn’t match the amount calculated during processing (strict audit check).

- Owner Payments: Net offset to YES & strict audit on ‘Owner Account’ & one of the properties overdrawn & overdrawn property has an uncleared receipt
Negative payment (overdrawn property) goes through but the other property payment fails.

Inspection-App Issues

We get a lot of tickets on the Inspection App, which is why over the last 12 months we have been working hard on a new Inspection App. The old app had to accommodate our customers on the old server-based version of Palace and it therefore made use of a mid-tier online database. The new app communicates directly with Liquid Palace only. It has been in client testing mode since January and it's now going through a controlled release. If you'd like to switch, let us know as it will affect your existing inspection template.
Please express your interest. The App is for newer versions of iOS and Android.