Bond Services Update

10 November 2021   |   by Mandy Welch
bonds services update

The Bond centre is very excited to announce they have set budget funding to replace the old Bond 2000 software, this will be a two-year project but at least there is some movement.

In the meantime, Bond services are going to carry on doing Direct Credit and Direct Debit. Both are working fine so it is your choice.

However, the major issue at the moment is the Bond forms are not getting sent to the Bond Services Team prior to the Bond Payment going through. If Bond Services receives a payment and does not have the forms to go with it, they will just classify this as the Bond has not been paid, so you could end up getting a fine for not lodging a bond in the specified days, even though you have paid it.

We have given this a lot of thought on how we can help you be able to do this as part of your Bond Payment in Palace.

We have come up with the following and it will be in place by March 2022 at the latest (There is a bit of work to be done and has to be programmed around what is already on the list).

  • When you do a receipt bond, you will have a paper clip icon so you can attach the bond lodgement form to the receipt. (You will also be able to do it after the fact from the diary, selecting the bond diary group.)
  • When you go to Payment Bond, the Bond payments that have a lodgement form attached will be in one colour and ticked and the ones without will be greyed out (or something like that) and you will only be able to pay the Bonds with the lodgement attached. When you process the payment, it will email the remittance with the bond lodgement forms attached.