May Top 4 Support Issues

May Top 4 Support Issues

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Issue 1: Tenant Invoicing - Matching, Reversing Paid & Unpaid Invoices

Tenant invoices in Palace are tracked, so when you receipt money, you select an invoice to receipt to, this is then recorded as a payment, either full or partial.

A great report is available to see where your invoices are up to: Tenant Reports - Tenant Tracked Invoices. You can use the tick box to show overdue invoices only, you can even select an expense type. Overdue Water Rates can be selected making it easy to report on the Water Rates.

If you don’t receipt to an invoice at the time of receipting money, you can match to an invoice at a later time. Follow these instructions: Assigning Tenant Money to an Invoice.

If reversing a transaction, you do have to go into Transaction History and make the invoice unpaid first. Read how to: How to un-assign an invoice number on a Receipt Transaction

Issue 2: Trade Me Upgrades

Recently Trade Me updated their API with us to offer more services. Read Advertising on Trade Me Property to find out more.

If you upload to Trade Me from Palace but then go into Trade Me to change something manually, you actually cause an issue. Next time you go to upload to Palace from this property you may get an error, if this happens there is a new button under More in the Property Edit screen, it says Clear Code. Click on this and it will clear the Trade Me code, allowing you to upload from fresh.

Issue 3:  Inspections - Showing Duplicates in the Export List

Under the Inspection Area, where you set up Inspections, sometimes the same Property is showing in the list 2 or 3 times. Why would this be?

This means more than one inspection has been set up under the Property, there may have been one for an Initial inspection or it may have been just a mistake because you could not find the original one.

If you go to the Diary, you will see a list of dates, if you look at the reminder column, you can find the reminders set to the future. This will help identify if more than one inspection is planned and then you can just remove the inspection you do not need. 

Issue 4:  User Authorities & Permissions

User Authorities are different from Permissions. 

An Authority is a definition of an area or function that a user can access.

A Permission is sharing of information. If Sarah works alone but would like Ivan to see her portfolio then Permission can be shared with Ivan using the Permission tab. When Permissions are shared, it means they can see Emails and Dashboards.

Under Authorities, there is a setting that says Company Portfolio, when turned on, this allows each user to see their own portfolios but can switch to the company portfolio at any time by using the eye icon at the top of the screen.

Read these articles for a break down of each: Authorities | Permissions