Meeting Legal Requirements as a Property Manager

Meeting Legal Requirements as a Property Manager

Australian and New Zealand property managers are seeing regular legislative changes in their industry. With Palace it is easy to meet your legal obligations.

The new insurance requirements and the Healthy Homes Standards in New Zealand are covered within the software, ensuring you can stay on top of your duties.

In Palace, under the Health and Safety tab against each property, you can enter the required details, upload your contracts and add reminders for updates and checks.

In cooperation with the NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) we've added the most important fields, as well as customisable fields. They merge into the Healthy Homes Standards Statement which is legally required in New Zealand. These new fields can also be used to meet the new legal requirements in Australia.

Healthy Homes Standards covered are :

- Smoke alarms,
- Insulation,
- Asbestos,
- Heating,
- Ventilation,
- Moisture,
- Hazards.

NSW Inspection Changes: We are integrating these changes into the current NSW Inspection Template and they will be released soon.

We work hard to stay abreast of the changes however, some changes happen very quickly and we may take a few months to catch up.

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