October Product Update

October Product Update

As we begin to wind down and closeout 2019, we’re excited to announce some new changes for the future of Palace including our upcoming October releases, a new process for inspections and more.

This month, we estimate a total of 30 odd items to be released which we envision will make life a lot easier. We also have a few exciting features in the pipeline that will see us close out 2019 with a bang!

Performance Improvements

We understand how frustrating it can be staring at a ‘loading’ screen and whilst there are other things that impact performance (internet connection, device hardware), we want to make sure you have the fasted experience possible. A part of this process is an update that increases the performance of Custom Views, the result of which will be faster report loads. Following this, we will also look at improving the speed of working in the archived lists as well as overall system spped.

A part of this performance improvement process will mean Palace is unavailable for a few hours. Read the Planned Maintenance article for more information. 

Extra clicks and just plain old annoying

As mentioned above, we have estimated around 30 tasks to be released this month and plenty more to come in the following months. Our developers have been amazing getting through all the nitty-gritty tasks that will make life a lot easier.

From no longer needing to click OK to a pop-up warning that says ‘you have no reports to download’, to adding labels to your email entries, we have plenty of exciting updates up our sleeves ready to be released.

Advanced Keys

If you haven’t read up on our advanced keys system and how to make the most of it yet, we highly suggest you do this yesterday.

However, as good of a system as it is, we want to improve it. So we will have our developers focus on the Advanced Keys system as a whole area to ensure we fix pre-existing bugs & revisit existing features and evaluate how we could make it better.


Inspections are a very popular feature within Palace, where you can take photos, videos, notes and have all your owner/tenant information at the tip of your fingers. Whilst the benefits are many, we have unfortunately had customers who've lost data. No one wants to lose hours of work or to find that only half of their information is available to use for a report. So what can we do to rebound from the past issues and keep abreast of developments with the latest mobile devices?

Well, we'll march forward by introducing a new inspection app specific to Palace Liquid users. This app will ensure that your inspection data will never be lost and removes the need to ‘import’ your inspections once they have uploaded. Once your inspection has uploaded from your device, you will be able to find it immediately in the relevant property diary and ready for action. We’ve spent a lot of time making improvements to the back-end of Palace to allow for a more secure mobile experience.

More information on this will be revealed as we get closer to our release date.