Spring is the Perfect Thyme to Turn over a New Leaf

8 September 2021   |   by Allan Vaifale

Long thyme, no see, spring

As always, we kick off with a trip down memory lane to provide a refresher on last month. In September we made some minor improvements to some of our everyday features within the system, including the ability to update the property rent when adding a new rent change for tenants as well as some performance improvements behind our statement & remittance generation during mid and end of the month. Read the Tenant & Statement Performance Updates here.

We were mint for the spring

This month will see a blockbuster of updates, including the debut of our long-awaited Bank Authority feature and for a select few an up-close look at our Boss Dashboard. More on the Boss Dashboard process further down, but for now, let’s spring-roll into our plans for September.

The Bank Authority is going through the final testing phase and is scheduled to be released later this month. I highly suggest you check out our help manual to get an insider scoop on the details here. Alongside this new feature, we’re bringing in the bond merge fields and making a slight improvement to our tenancy invoices, which gives you the ability to provide a full breakdown for any large invoices. Keep an eye out on the release notes as we send them out, to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Early Adapters Program

As you’ll know, Palace is now a part of a larger umbrella MRI Real Estate Software. This opens up many opportunities internally and externally, it also opens the door to many concepts and ideas within the industry.

We implement large changes within Palace Liquid, changes that often require some follow-up work. Something that is not so bad, but wouldn’t it be amazing if what was in front of you was near 90% perfection? I say 90% because, in reality, nothing is ever deemed perfect, especially in software where nothing is really ‘finished’ as technology and the industry is constantly evolving.

So how will this work? By creating an Early Adapters Program, where a select few will belong to a group of clients that we reach out to when we have a new feature to be released. This isn’t a request to ‘test’ the feature for us, but more of an opportunity to have your voice heard with our larger projects that will further improve your experience with our software.  The Developers will do their thing before passing it onto the Quality Assurance Team and get the feature ready for release as we do with all our updates. However, under this program, when we ‘release’ the feature, we will only be initially releasing it to this select group. This allows the feature to be used in real-time and gives us the opportunity to gather feedback from a users’ perspective and make any necessary changes to improve the feature or confirm that the feature is great the way it is. This way, once we release the feature to the rest of the users, it will be something that not only we, Palace, have worked on, but something that we have collectively collaborated on with our users.

We will implement this approach for the Boss Dashboard and I will reach out to a select number of clients about jumping on board. As the months go on, this group will increase in number, and choosing to turn the feature on will always be optional. More information to come about this in next months edition, so be sure to follow.

We think you’re dandy and we’re not lion’

Now that we’ve covered the month that was and the month that is, let’s focus on the months to come. Last month, I leaked some information regarding our client portal and how this project was going to get started. We got as far as gathering feedback from everyone, refining the requirements behind the development work and even tapped into the wireframe design for the new site, however, we’ve decided to put this project on hold for the year.

Why? The answer is simple. As much as we all love shiny new things, there is no denying that the system still requires a few tweaks here and there that will make your lives a lot easier. Your experience with Palace and anything we can do to better that experience is very important to us. Instead of putting our resources into bringing in a new and updated feature, we believe that it’s beneficial to instead focus and apply all our available resources to tackle some of the outstanding items that people have been craving for the last months.

We don’t want to distract you from some pre-existing bugs by opening up a new toy, we instead want to ensure that your voices are heard and that we take care of what really matters, our clients. For that reason, our Boss Dashboard will be the last major project for the year and to close out 2021, you can expect to see a lot of bugs fixed and a lot of minor features updated.