Springing into September

Springing into September

This month, we continue to focus on improving the performance of Palace.

August, the month that was?

In case you missed it, we released a huge update for Healthy Homes and Health & Safety in August.
We didn’t stop there though, as we also released updates for our Document Workflow along with some other minor fixes.

Read the latest Palace release notes.

Coming Soon

Coming to you soon, we’ve started the groundwork on our dashboard redesign. A part of this work includes little updates to our SMS and Timeline spaces in the dashboard where we have turned them into live hyperlinks meaning that if you click on it, you will be taken to either the SMS report or the specified diary entry from the timeline.

For those that voted in our ideas portal, you will also be pleased to hear that soon you can add an attachment to the Payment Expense transaction type.

All this and much more to come for the month of September.

Performance Update

Whilst we have a new looking dashboard in the pipeline, let's dive into the now and what we’re doing to improve the performance of Palace, especially with Batch Payments and EOM.

Firstly, we identified some issues with owner payments related to uncleared funds and properties netting off. This has been fixed and will be released as a part of our first update for September.

Secondly, we’ve started work on a new owner payment process. Not a lot will change at face value, but the process behind it will essentially make it bulletproof. Owner payments have suffered in the past from duplicate payments, issues with the statement generation (mainly for mid-month) and overall delays with the payments being completed. The current process behind this is getting a much-needed makeover which in the end will provide a smoother and safer experience with our payment run.