Top 3 Support Issues for Palace in October

Top 3 Support Issues for Palace in October

We have gone through all the support tickets for October and identified the Top 3 Issues that clients have needed help on.

Issue No 1: Part payments on tenant records after a rent increase

When a tenant is due to have a rent increase, Palace has to look and see where the tenant is currently paid up to. If the increase happens in the middle of a rent payment then it will take enough funds to cover the days until the rent increase takes effect - it will pop the remainder into rent in credit to be used with the next receipt @ the new rent rate i.e if rent change happens 4 days into new week it will only move forward by 4 days at old rate then throw 3 days into credit

Issue No 2: Inspection photos

In the last 12 months, there has been a new iPhone 11 and the Samsung S10. Fantastic phones and the camera quality is amazing, however, this creates an issue for the size and quality of the photos. Each photo coming into Palace is compressed but the smallest we can do it and not lose quality is 1024 x 1024, which is still too big to email. So we have to drop anything off which is bigger than 20 MB. This is not just a rule in our emailing but most email suppliers will not allow anything to be received over that size either.
We have a solution and that is to be able to send the inspection report out as a link in an email rather than the whole report, we are hoping to have this to you by early next year.
In the meantime, you will have to untick some photos to send the report and then send the rest in the next email. Or of course, if you are going to take a lot of photos, think about doing a video inspection through the App instead.

Issue No 3: New rent overpaid function

There is a new rent overpaid setting, which will allow the money paid past Vacate Date to be held in a ledger beside the tenant rather than against the owner. Please read the documentation BEFORE changing this setting.

Watch the Overpaid Rent Ledger Video

Read the Setting Up Rent Overpaid to Ledger