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The simplest way to do Healthy Home inspections for your Palace managed properties. 

Download the app, connect your Palace account and all of your properties are automatically synced to the app and ready for inspection.

Whether you are a Healthy Home inspector, Property Manager or DIY Landlord, Tether Tick allows you to seamlessly integrate all Healthy Home inspection data into Palace. No more double entry, No more wasted time.

The Tether Tick enables you or your healthy home inspector to:

  • Generate a beautiful certificate with all evidence integrated into Palace automatically if the home is compliant

  • Generate a fix report that you can share with your customer and maintenance company to generate work orders

  • View how you and your company is tracking against Healthy Home tasks across your portfolio

The Tether Tick is the only app in the market that supercharges you or your Healthy Home inspector by fully integrating into Palace.

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