2021, What Will it Bring?

13 January 2021   |   by Mandy Welch
2021 releases of features and fixes

New Year Greetings from the Palace Product Team.

We really built up momentum with our feature releases and small bug fixes in 2020, and we’re going to continue that ride into 2021.

2020 saw us complete work on the Healthy Homes Standards, a major project that took up a lot of time. We completed work on background processing and speed, starting with the Bank Import changes and we are releasing the new Owner Payment Processing shortly. This will initially be released to those already on the blue Owner Process and then rolled out to everyone else. The testing has shown a fantastic improvement in speed.

We released some recent RTA (Residential Tenancies Act) changes and this month sees the release of the new advertising requirements, which requires you to store the original advertisement. As you upload your advert, a snapshot will be taken and put into your Property Diary. A new snapshot will be saved each time you update the advertisement, which means you will also have proof of your advertisement, so watch out for this around the final week of January.

The Interactive Dashboard was released last month with great reviews. Feedback revolved around not being able to use the Dashboard if you did not have a portfolio or not being able to see other users’ dashboards. An update at the end of this month includes a selection drop-down so you can either see ‘All’ items or select different users. 

Plus lots of other small and medium changes.

Coming up

The ‘Boss’s Dashboard’, this dashboard will be statistics-based. The information that you get from the portfolio summary report but in a live-time graph. So the frustration of reading ‘You had 14 people in arrears over 22 days at the end of the month, but not being able to find out who afterward’ will be gone. You will be able to click on a specific day and see the information you require.


  • The Owner Transfer Wizard: Long time coming, sorry, everything else kept getting in the way. This is in its final workings. I promise it will be worth the wait,
  • Owner Portal: New and updated,
  • Overhaul for Commercial Invoices,
  • New Tenant Debtor area and much, much more, plus we will continue to work on the smaller features that can be a bit frustrating.

The Voting system is going well, with quite a lot released from this, so check it out and put in your votes.

I know it is frustrating to not have dates on the changes you are waiting for, but we have learned that it is not a good idea to promise a date, so many things can get in the way, from government legal changes to testing taking longer than expected, staff illness and software changes in the backend.

So, it will be an interesting and exciting year ahead!  Watch this space!

Allan Vaifale & Mandy Welch