April Showers Bring on May Flowers

14 April 2021   |   by Allan Vaifale

We’ve all marched our way through the madness, eaten a lot of chocolate and we have sprung into autumn. With the 5th month of 2021 upon us, we can expect to see some beautiful flowers – in the form of new feature releases – that we’ve planted along the way.

Our bi-annual conference was a successful event where we were lucky to be able to mix & mingle with like-minded professionals. As soon as that finished the Palace directors announced the acquisition by MRI  Real Estate Software. Palace clients can rest assured that it is business as usual at Palace, with everyone continuing in their current positions.

The Month That Was

March was a bit of a quiet month in terms of releases, as our team continued to work on some of our bigger projects. We did manage to release 4 minor changes to the system, which include the ability to create an online file for Bond Payments. In case you missed the details on this, click here to find out more.

The Wait is Over

Hopefully, most if not all of you managed to get a sneak peek of our upcoming dashboard. This new dashboard will see a drill-down of stats based on the won/loss records for properties for the last 30 days as well as the last 6 months, Weekly Average Rent plus more!

Unfortunately, there is still plenty of work to be completed on this before we can officially release it, so the wait will need to carry on for a bit longer.

However, what everyone won’t need to wait for any longer is, our new Property Transfer Wizard. Yes, don’t adjust your screen, you’ve read this correctly! Our Property Transfer Wizard is finally here and will be released in the coming weeks.

With the new wizard, the system handles the movement of a sold property from one owner to the other and processes any funds that need to be transferred along the way. For those that have used this feature back in Palace Live, you will be happy to see our old friend again but you’ll be even happier to see that we’ve given it a make-over. With a simple 5 step process, handling the change of ownership has never been easier. We even accommodate the scenario where the solicitor handles any movement of funds.

Make sure you keep an eye out for our release notes and an upcoming webinar so that you can stay ahead of the game. Not a part of our mailing list? Now is the time to ensure you are, cause you don’t want to miss out on this release!

May the Force Remain Strong

Whilst our team has been deep on some big projects, we haven’t had much capacity to look at some of the other tasks in our backlog. We are aware that there are other tasks that we also need to show some love towards, so for the months of May & June, we aim to work on more bugs that are long overdue and will no doubt make a huge difference in the day of a Palace user. From filters being added to report dropdowns, updates to reports to meet RTA changes down to those ‘this is just annoying’ tasks – Stay tuned for more.