April Top 5 Support Issues

April Top 5 Support Issues

We have a huge selection of webinars this month, please take this opportunity to join us on them.

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Issue 1: Reversals of Transactions

There is some confusion on this area and what a reversal actually means. We just held a webinar on this topic - you can watch the Transaction Reversal Webinar here.

Issue 2: Palace PDF Reports

When you click on a report in Palace Liquid, sometimes it will automatically open in a new tab, in other instances it will download. In order to make this consistent, you can adjust your settings (this is a browser setting). When a report downloads, the report will be visible at the bottom of your browser window, if you click the drop-down arrow next to it, you can select 'Always open files of this type'. From here on in, the file will open in a new screen instead of downloading.

Issue 3: Document Flow

There seems to be a lot of questions on the colours and the exceptions in the Document Flow area. Check out this help file for an explanation of those breakdowns.

Issue 4: Rent Holiday

How to handle rent holidays has come up a lot this month due to COVID 19. There are two ways to handle Rent Free Holidays.

The tidiest way (and if you want to still charge commission) is to:

- Do a payment expense to take the money from the Property (owner)
- Then receipt in normal as rent. That way the Tenant ledgers look correct and you also receive a commission on the transaction.


- In the tenant rent change area, add a new rent change for 0.00 (Make sure the date you set it for is in alignment with the paid to dates) and then put another rent change in for the full amount back on the date it will take back in effect.
Please note: That this will show as arrears until the next normal rent is paid.

Here is the help file on How to implement rent-free or rent reduced periods and Creating A Rent Increase or decrease for this matter.

Issue 5: Bulk Mail Merge

Bulk mail merges were in high demand this month due to the extra pressure to make sure you were communicating with all your tenants and owners.

Read the Bulk Mail Merge article or watch the video: