August already? Or are Julying?

14 July 2021   |   by Allan Vaifale

Just over halfway through 2021 and we’re pulling through like the purple Gladiolus which symbolises strength, as we continue to power through with more banger releases.

The Month That Was

As we continue to work on our soon to be released Boss Dashboard, we’re releasing minor updates. Last month’s update included a fix to our inspection reports, tenant invoicing and more. Read the juicy release details.

Swept off my Feet with Augusta Wind

Quite a bit to unpack in this month’s product update. In our last edition, I gave you a sneak peek at our Boss Dashboard and if you’re fortunate enough to attend our Principal Workshops, you’ll be able to see this dashboard in live-action. Along with this, we’re also working on our new bank authority feature which adds a layer of security to any bank accounts that are newly added or edited. With the introduction of this feature, we bring in an approval process before any bank accounts can be added or edited successfully. Both features are looking to be released in the next couple of months, so make sure you get the countdown started!

What’s next you ask? Well, we’re in the middle of gathering plenty of feedback on how we can make our client portal a better experience for you and your clients. Once our Boss Dashboard is successfully released, our aim is to start working on a new and improved Client Portal. With a whole new look and feel, this will be the last major project to close out the year. Of course, we will continue to work on other minor features and bugs along the way.

Our product team dedicated a full day mapping out our next 6 months and as scary as it is with the year flying by so quickly, we are excited to get some long-awaited fixes and updates out that are assured to make life as a Palace user that much easier! Stay tuned for report updates, feature changes and an overall better experience with Palace.