Christmas Month-End & the New Dashboard

14 December 2020   |   by Mandy Welch

Here we are, at the final newsletter for the year, 2020 is definitely one of those years we are happy to see the end of.

So let’s go out with a bang! We are releasing the new Property Manager Dashboard on Thursday night the 17th Dec, so when you log-in on Friday morning it will be updated.

It is quite a big change so it’s essential you read the notes, which will come out on Thursday with links to all the help files and video. We do recommend you watch the New Dashboards Webinar.

New Dashboards Webinar

Watch Now.

Below is a sneak preview of the new dashboard which includes 7 interactive graphs. The new alert bell for Missed Rent Alerts will ensure you stay on top of your arrears.

This Dashboard is designed for Property Managers, so if you do not have a portfolio assigned to you or you run Task-based, then the Dashboard will show up empty for now.

In the second stage release – due in January 2021, a filter button will allow you to filter “all” so it shows the whole company view.

In Feb/March ’21, we will be releasing the ‘Boss’ Dashboard, this will be based on the settings of ‘Administrator’ and it will show the company’s live time stats. It is very exciting, more to come on that soon. We have some awesome releases planned for next year, which will definitely enhance your workflow.

Month-End for Christmas

Remember, closing a month is the same no matter which month you are closing it. If you do intend to close the month early, you need to remember to make sure you have changed the date. For Example: If you are closing on the 31st Dec, then you need to make sure you date the month-end close on the 30th Dec as this will be the day you are receipted and reconciled up to. Rule of thumb is that you always use the date of the day that you have receipted up to.

REMEMBER: If you are not doing month-end until you get back to the office on the 5th Jan, watch your dates. Do not date anything in the month of January.

The End of Month (The Christmas Edition) video will talk you through the important parts.

Support will be open as normal, only closing for Stat dates. We will be closing by 2 pm on 24th Dec and 31st Dec. (12 noon for Australia).