Customer Feedback on Support | January

6 January 2021   |   by David Louw
Customer Feedback on Support

Palace PC Tips:


If you use a laptop or desktop, this tip can be rather handy. When you need to switch to another open window (say you have Word, Chrome, and Excel open at the same time), then hold down ALT and press TAB. This will allow you to quickly cycle through to the next open program without having to look through the taskbar.


If you’re not willing to reach for your mouse, this trick is incredibly useful. Hold down CTRL and press L to highlight the address bar of your web browser. You can immediately begin typing to go to a new website.

Does our knowledgebase not have a solution to your query? Look no further! The Palace Support heroes are here to answer your queries.

Some of the comments received this past month:

Great communication! My response came by an email within the hour, even though it was after 5, the process of finding the fault was simply written and empathetic… Fantastic service, she really was a hero! – Mary

Very helpful and quick service. Natalie was awesome to deal with. Thanks again for sorting my issue so quickly it was really appreciated. – Fiona

I was very happy with the service. I only had 1 question this month and it was answered clearly and in a timely manner. Jessie was the person who helped me and nothing is ever a problem or a silly question for her. Great work!! – Kris

We encourage everyone to always review our service and send feedback messages as this helps us to better assist our clients. Should there be something that was missed or something that we could do better we enjoy hearing from you.

The answer I got for the issue was very broad i.e. either this or that would have happened. Too generic. – H.


Some problems could be caused by single or multiple issues. Some answers can sound ‘generic’, however, we start with something small and work from there. This particular issue was an error with an upstream provider which was resolved a little while after the troubleshooting was done.

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Response Times

The wait time to answer requests has climbed to a high of 86% of requests being responded to within 30 minutes. Our support desk operates within New Zealand trading hours with support for our Australian clients as well.