Customer Feedback on Support | November

9 November 2020   |   by David Louw

Palace Tip:


  • Treat your password like your toothbrush. Never let anyone use it and change it often.
  • If you need to leave your desk and are worried about prying eyes on sensitive information that you may be working on you can quickly and simply lock your Windows computer by pressing and holding down the ‘Windows Key’ and while holding press ‘L’. The PC will automatically lock. (Ensure you have the Windows logon password/PIN before attempting it.)

When a query is sent to support include items such as a statement or report, if at all possible. A snapshot of an error or a screenshot to help the support team to better assist you in your time of need. The more information that is provided the faster we can help you. Ask the question, “ What was I wanting to achieve?”

Cannot find a solution in our knowledgebase? Look no further! The Palace Support heroes are here to answer your queries.

Some of the comments received this past month:


I have had all my many questions answered with patience and simple clear replies, fast and prompt also. – Liz

A concerning issue was fixed within minutes, with an almost instant reply when we lodged the problem with the support team. Excellent work, thank you. – Daniel

The problem was part of the end of month processing. The person I spoke to was very pleasant and knowledgeable. She solved my problem quickly and explained what should have happened. Exactly what was needed especially at such a busy time. – Angela

We encourage everyone to always review our service and send feedback messages as this helps us to better assist our clients. Should there be something that was missed or something that we could do better we enjoy hearing from you.

Takes a while to hear back from someone and it’s usually an email suggesting I try a fix that I’ve already tried several times. – Richard


Sometimes the team is all busy on tickets and calls and should this happen a queue can be formed. The mid-month and month-end runs do get busy. Richard had some issues with uploading inspections. There are a number of things to check and it may sound repetitive but needs to be checked. Once we go through the list of troubleshooting items we are able to pinpoint where the issue is.

If the uploads are repeatedly pressed it will also form a queue to repeat and will take time to transfer to Palace. Given some time the inspections did upload into Palace.

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Response Times

The wait time to answer requests has climbed to a high of 88% of requests being responded to within 30 minutes. Our support desk operates within New Zealand trading hours with support for our Australian clients as well.