Customer Feedback on Support | September

Customer Feedback on Support | September

You can now reach Palace Support on Facebook Messenger so that it is even easier to get in contact, especially when you're out and about and you have a quick question.

Palace Tip: When a query is sent to support include items such as a statement or report, if at all possible. A snapshot of an error or a screenshot to help the support team to better assist in your time of need.  The more information that is provided the faster we can help you.  Ask the question, 'What was I wanting to achieve?'

Cannot find a solution in our knowledgebase? Look no further! The Palace Support heroes are here to answer your queries.

Some of the comments received this past month:


Thank you for all the ongoing support, I really appreciate the help desk :) - Kelly


When I requested a phone call to explain every angel in your support team was super helpful. - Usha


Jessie was AWESOME :) and the Zoom call is a great touch. Lizzie

We encourage everyone to always review our service and send feedback messages as this helps us to better assist our clients. Should there be something that was missed or something that we could do better we enjoy hearing from you.


Same problems crop up, nothing gets resolved. - Malissa


Some items can be resolved by searching our article Knowledgebase and/or raising a ticket with our support team.  However, if there is a feature that you would like to appear in Palace, it can be voted for.  Once logged into Palace at the bottom left of the screen there is “Vote for New Features”.  This is where suggestions can be placed for items to appear in Palace.  If an item appears in the list it can be voted for.  The items with the most votes will be prioritized to be released faster than other items.

If our newsletters are not being received a user can sign up for them here.


Response Times

palace quick response time3

The wait time to answering requests has climbed to a high of 87% of requests being responded to within 30 minutes. Our support desk operates within New Zealand trading hours with support for our Australian clients as well.