Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

10 February 2021   |   by Mandy Welch

Q. How do the days work with Hold Uncleared Funds and what are the settings around it?

A. The ‘days’ refered to are working days and Palace will look at Direct Debit and Cheque Payment types. It covers Receipt Rent, Receipt Tenancy Invoice and Receipt Owner. Read Holding Uncleared Funds – System Setting for more information. 

Q. Since the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act (RTAA) 2020 has released some changes that will affect how letters are worded, will Palace be updating the PAL Letters?

A. No. As all letters are individual in your company we do not have access to updating them all. Neither are we legal experts. Outside sources like Real-iQ, TPS, Renti and Pickmee will have Letters you can use.  Some use formats we can put into Palace so please check. Alternatively, you can update the letters yourselves – please follow the instructions in the following video: Document Templates: Add, Edit, Duplicate

Q. There has been a lot of changes in the RTAA 2020, does Palace help us handle any of these?

A. Yes, we have made a lot of changes, covering (but not limited to):

  • Advertising
  • Rent Changes
  • Fibre

You can find these articles in Knowledgebase and you can attend a Webinar on these Changes.

Palace Webinar – Changes to the RTAA
Thursday 25th February @ 1.30 pm.
Join us to see what Palace has done to enable you to manage some of the latest changes to the RTAA 2020.

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