Giving you Pumpkin to Talk About

11 October 2020   |   by Allan Vaifale

It’s the month of costumes, sweets and scares! This month we’re all about the tricks we have up our sleeves to treat you as we continue to roll through 2020.

A Month to September

We hope you kept up to date with the month that was. Two updates were released that included one of our highly-voted features in having attachments uploaded to the transaction type ‘Payment Expense’. We also updated a couple of areas in Bank Import, Document Workflow as well as batch Supplier Payments.

That’s just putting it mildly though, read the release notes to find out all the juicy details.

Coming Soon to a PC Near You

Focusing on the future, we continue to finish up the work behind our two main projects:

  1. Part one of a newly updated dashboard, which is coming along nicely and we cannot wait to release it.
  2. New Owner Payment process, which is also humming along in its development. We’re excited to provide you with a bulletproof owner-payment process that will essentially ease the mind when it comes to those large batch payments.

We haven’t forgotten about other minor tasks though. Along with our two main projects, we also begin planning the sequel release to our recent Healthy Homes update. A new and easy way to ‘sort’ your property images for advertising, the ability to archive those unwanted ledgers and so much more.

Enough of the spoilers though, you will need to make sure that you’re subscribed to receive our release notes to keep right up to date with what we release and when we release it.

Product Update

Some of you will recall that we changed a few processes on how we handle our releases. With change, usually comes… even more change. We’re continuing to learn as a team about what does and what doesn’t work with our current process. From the strategic planning to the estimation of the completion time, right down to the testing of the features and the subsequent release. We’ve got a really great team of developers working hard to give us all the new features and quick bug fixes to continue to optimise Palace.

With these changes, you may have noticed the frequency of releases has slowed down. This is to allow our development team to really sink their teeth into the tasks at hand and to ensure that what we deliver to you, is 100% ready to be used.

We have such a great team at the helm and we trust that you will all appreciate and enjoy all the new and exciting changes that they’re working hard towards.