Half Price Training in January 2019

Half Price Training in January 2019

Half Price Training $60 +GST

for an hour of online training

Wednesday 16th Jan to Tuesday 29th Jan, between 9 am and 5 pm

You will have one of our experienced trainers for one hour - to cover off any Palace topic or feature(s) of your choosing.

To book an hour session, please email training@getpalace.com with your preferred date and time and one of the team will be in contact. You know the drill - first in, first served.

Not sure what you might need training on? We’ve outlined a few helpful topics below, but if you’d really like to see what areas of Palace you or your team are feeling confident using, email us requesting a Palace Training Self-Assessment Checklist.


The Q & A: The most common request that can also take a bit of time to run through. Do you have a list of how to’s sitting on your desk, or a group of post-it notes that you have been collecting, that you would really like to get some answers on?

The Refresher: Have you come back from a great holiday and wanting a bit of motivation to jump back into Palace with some tips and tricks or quick-fire how to’s? (how many how to’s can you fit into an hour… challenge accepted!)

New User: Have a new staff member joining you in January? Let us take them through a few of their Palace duties.

Letting Fees: The big legislation change of 2018… Have you watched the help video and read the documents but would like some help on the how to and when’s a good time to process the letting fee to the owner?

Transactions: Too many transaction options? Not sure what they all do? Or do you constantly come up against the same issues that have you emailing support each month? Let us show you the right way to process these to avoid costly mistakes.

Custom Views: There is so much you can do with custom views! Have you been watching webinars but would like some help to set these up for your office?

Inspections: Not currently using the Palace inspection app but would like to?

Document Templates and Mail Merge: Do your templates need a refresh for 2019? Are there certain templates that you use where you are constantly having to fill in details that should be merged? Are you using SMS templates for single and bulk SMS?

Bank Import: Not currently using bank import? Want help to set this up and start using it? Why not make your receipting for 2019 so much easier!

Reports: Sooo many reports… what are they all for?

Management: Are you a department manager or director? Maybe not as hands-on in Palace as you think you should be? Want a few tips on what reports to check and things to look out for in Palace?

The T’s & C’s

- Do you already have online training booked between the 16th and 29th and it was quoted at full price? Great news! You get half price too!

- Invoices will be generated at the end of January for the scheduled training

- Trainers are available to train… if you have support related issues these still need to be logged as a support ticket. Trainers can assist to troubleshoot to a certain degree but our support team are available to support you with those issues.

- Preferred times cannot be guaranteed. When you email training@getpalace.com you will be advised if the date/time you have requested in available. You will receive a confirmation email and be advised who your trainer will be.

- Training Rate is charged at $60 +GST NZD or AUD based on client location.

- If you cancel your training session within 48 hours and we are unable to reschedule for within the 2 week promotional period due to availability, you will be offered a training date/time outside of the promotional period at the full training rate of $120 +GST, or alternatively be charged a cancellation fee of $30 +GST.