Leap into February

10 February 2021   |   by Allan Vaifale

We are already into the second month of the new year and the development team is in full swing. With new-user authorities being introduced and focus on the smaller changes in development-land, the upcoming months will be exciting.

The Month That Was

Before we look at what’s next, let’s take a step back and have a look at what went down in January.

A new filter on the dashboard has been added and allows you to view the graphs and data for specific (or all) users. In addition, the new ‘Proof of Advertising’ report is created automatically and saved in the diary when you publish a property for advertising.

If you happened to have missed the excitement about the New Dashboard release, head over to our knowledgebase to find out more.

Can February March?

Our team is abuzz as the momentum picks up after the Christmas and New Year break. February will see the release of two new-user authorities that I’m sure you have all been waiting for:

  • Bank Account Authority – Before any new or change of bank accounts are applied, they will need to go through an approval process prior to being linked to the owner/property.
  • Trade Me Authority – In 2020, we brought in the ability to choose what type of listing you wanted your property to go up as. Unfortunately, some were not aware that these additional options came with an additional cost from Trade Me. To clean this process up, we’ve now split the Trade Me user Authority into two. One allows you to upload your everyday base listings and the other gives you the power to boost them as you see fit.

And you can expect even more as we ‘March’ into another month.

To Archive or To Not Archive

We want to hear from you!

Picture this, you are looking through your emails in Palace and you select All. By accident, you archive them all before getting the chance to filter through them properly. By luck, if they’re matched emails, you may remember in which Diary to find them. However, for our unknown inbox, once archived, there is no easy way to find these unless you get in touch with our support centre. 

So the question is, do we want to add a new ‘Archived Inbox’ where any archived emails are sent so you can easily access them if you need them. And if so, how would you like it to work?

Option 1: All emails that are archived are sent to this inbox. This means, when an email is archived from your personal inbox, you can still access them in the archived inbox. However, this does mean there is a secondary step to ‘clear’ them from the actual inbox which some may find as being too much of an additional step for those emails that are matched.

Option 2: We only focus on the unknown emails for this new inbox. This means, if you archive an email from your personal inbox, you will still have to manually find them via the diary it belongs to (providing you remember the details). However, if you archive emails from your unknown inbox, you can still find them in the archived inbox which you can sift through and delete permanently when you need.

Let us know your thoughts by filling in this Google Form.