Mandy’s Desk | November

8 November 2021   |   by Mandy Welch

Hi Everyone,

In November already! This year has certainly gone fast. Looking back, we have put out a lot of releases this year with some great features and improvements on old features. We have a lot planned for next year, this is all based on your feedback and we appreciate it. I know sometimes it feels like you don’t get heard but you do, it is just a long list to get through.

We will be holding some wrap up webinars in December to discuss what has happened this year and what will be coming for next year.

We have introduced API Partner webinars, we started with Tapi and coming up on the 17th November is the one with Renti, then watch this space to hear about others. Register for the Renti Webinar!

David from RealIQ and myself have an exciting series coming out early next year, so listen out for more news on this.

Have a great November!