March Update

March Update

We leap into March after a round of successful releases in February. We continue to release updates and new features, while constantly improving the user experience.

February Recap

We’re excited to announce that we had a total of 34 tasks successfully released in February. From performance adjustments within an entity diary to updates to the login screen, and more recently, the ability to use Google to sign into Palace. Make sure you click on our latest release notes link on the login screen to keep track of everything we have released recently. As always, we’re continually on the move, so what do we have in store for the month of March?

On the down-low

We have released 2 features in beta testing; a new inspection feature and an integration with Debitsuccess, these aren't available to the public eye just yet. At this stage, we have a few pilot clients testing both features so they can identify anything we may have missed from a users' experience. We will be sure to let you know when they will be released!

In the works

This month you will see updates with tasks like the ability to edit the maintenance fee within the workflow screen, the ability to edit an existing smoke alarm & our Trade Me Property listing upgrades, plus more!

In addition to these exciting features, we are also working hard on ensuring that we improve the overall performance of the system, with 4 solutions in place. We’re increasing the maximum number of requests that run concurrently on our servers which will have a huge impact on our next EOM. Along with this update, we are adding special monitoring so that we can get on top of any potential performance issues before you even notice.