May Update

May Update

What a strange couple of months it's been. We’ve used this opportunity to evaluate some of our existing processes and we have created a new action plan on how to approach future releases.

April Recap

There weren't too many public releases in April as we primarily focused on improving the performance of Palace at month-end. The hard work paid off - it was a great month-end.

Additional changes included how we handle the reversal of invoices. Find out more here.

Month of May

The latest update improves the TradeMe integration, new settings for attachments in your client portal, and much more.

Coming Soon

New shortcut buttons will be added to allow quick navigation between owners, properties and tenants, as-well-as their related diaries. We'll also be auto-rotating images when uploaded for advertising.

In the Pipeline

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we’ve made the most of the lockdown time to take a step back and evaluate our current processes, highlight areas that need to be worked on, build new ideas and look at improving our roadmap for the future.

We'll also be introducing a client voting system for features in Palace. Without giving away too much, make sure you look out for these exciting new changes over the next couple of months.