Mayday, Mayday – New Changes Coming Through

12 May 2021   |   by Allan Vaifale

Winter is Coming

It’s a new month and we’re almost halfway through 2021! As we gear up for some winter blues, we look ahead at what the month of May has in store for us. We’ve got all bells ringing in the form of our upcoming release, assured to enlighten you much like the flower of May, the Lily of the Valley.

The Month That Was

Recovering from the easter chocolate overload, we reflect on the recent release of the Property Transfer Wizard. 3 Years in the making, we hope you’ve had the chance to check out this new feature and even more so, we hope it’s made a difference to your workflow.

New Changes Coming Through

A major change to our dashboard introduces a new-user dropdown to each dashboard tab, allowing you to see and process everyones’ reminders and charges without the need to share permissions. Showing some love to our Australian client base by bringing in the ability to send out the property expense with the EOFY statements and more!

Another quiet but impactful release this month, with plans locked in to bring in even more changes and updates to keep us warmly excited as we welcome the winter season.