Most Frequently Asked Questions for October

9 November 2020   |   by Mandy Welch

October’s month-end went very smoothly, so we are very pleased that the changes we’ve made on the database loading and background speed are working.

20 Companies have moved to the new Palace Inspection App which is going very well. The number of support tickets is reducing because of this changeover, if you would like to move please contact support.

The top topics which people have queries about now seem to be around Tenancy Transactions and Tenancy Reporting.

Tenancy Transactions

The issues seem to be around the whole Invoice area; tracking, refund and assigning.
See the Help Files, Videos and upcoming Webinars which will help:

Assigning money to tenant invoices from a bond ledger
Tenant Invoicing & Allocating Invoice Funds
Processing Refunds
Tenant Report: Tenant Invoices Report – How to Read
How to unassign an invoice number on a Receipt Transaction

Archiving a Tenant with an Amount Owing

Archiving with an Amount Owing – Tenant

Tenant Reports

The other common question is around tenant reports and how to read them.
Make a note to attend Tenancy Reports Webinar on the 19th November at 1:30 pm
Palace Liquid – Tenancy Reports Webinar – Register here.