MRI Ascend Virtual Conference

7 May 2021   |   by Palace

MRI Ascend is a free virtual event to gain key knowledge and insight into how tech will help you recover, reimagine, and succeed in this ‘new normal’ we find ourselves in.

Please Note: As Palace has only just joined the MRI family, this Ascend conference does not include any Palace information, so a lot of the information will be based on the Australian products, however, there are some great keynote speakers so still will be good to check out.

Over two half days on 18-19 May, MRI will offer a range of industry and solution-specific sessions. First up on the agenda is the Opening Keynote with Patrick Ghilani, MRI CEO, & David Bowie, Managing Director APAC who will discuss the role of technology in recovery from the impacts of the pandemic and future growth.

MRI Ascend will explore each of these topics and more:

Commercial Management

Keep your commercial property portfolio thriving in the post-COVID environment with insights from industry leaders and updates on the latest MRI tech.

Investment Management

Explore how organisations like yours are managing their investments in this volatile environment. Plus, we’ll present the next phase of Investment technology that you’ll soon have access to.

Residential Management

Sessions on how to leverage existing and new technologies to ensure transparency, elevate experience and delight the people who live in your properties.

Strata Management

We put the spotlight on exciting new tech coming your way and speak to experts from leading agencies about what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.


We shine a light on workplace challenges and how corporate tenants are taking advantage of cross-departmental technology to more effectively manage their spaces.