September Top 4 Solutions

12 October 2020   |   by Mandy Welch

Each month, we go through the tickets and pull out the questions that are asked most frequently. Here are the solutions to the frequently asked questions.

Issue 1: Vacating Arrears

Some clients want to show amount owing to vacate date and some don’t – so it is a setting.
Under System: Settings, Management Tab and under tenancy.
It is called: Show ‘Rent owing’ to ‘Vacate Date’.

If on YES, it will show the total amount owing on the Tenant List.
If on NO, it won’t show on the Tenant List but will still show on the Tenant Details Report.

Issue 2: Pending Tickets – Owner shows money but ticket won’t clear due to Strict Audit:

Pending tickets not only look at the Owner balance but also at the priority levels, so if you have an invoice on High and one on medium, then it will pay the High first. So if there is not enough money to pay the one on High priority, it will not pay the medium either.
Note: It also goes by date, so if there are two Invoices of the same medium priority but not enough money for both, it will pay the one with the oldest date.

Issue 3: Inspection App issues

We are pleased to announce the 3rd App has been released, please note that this is a totally new app, not a update of any app. You will need to contact us to install this app as there are changes required in Palace. This app has solved the issues of the previous app. If you want to know more please contact support.

Issue 4: Custom Views

We get a lot of enquiry about wanting new reports or certain information. Custom views are the best way to get this information and you can create your own. E.g Upcoming Fixed lease renewals, Properties without Tenants, properties waiting to archive etc. View the help files and videos on Custom Views.