Sparking up a Storm

10 November 2020   |   by Allan Vaifale

We’re igniting some sparks this month with not only the third instalment of Healthy Homes and some changes to our bank import process but also a new website, to ensure we kick start the month off with a proper bang!

Spring Back in Time

Taking a quick walk down memory lane, let’s have a look at the month that was.

Dropping like leaves in Spring, we dropped some exciting changes that included the ability to archive old and unwanted ledgers as well as a new Sort button for property images.

We also brought in a user login report and implemented a couple of updates to our document workflow area.

If you happened to miss out on all the excitement, be sure to read October’s update.

Something to November

All good things come in threes they say, which is the case for our latest instalment for Healthy Homes. We’ve got new fields, attachments saving in the diary once removed and a brand new Healthy Homes statement report.

All of this and that’s just a minor preview for what we have in store for you.

Make sure you read the release notes to get the inside scoop on what we have up our sleeves for you.

The Final Sleigh

We’re in the final few weeks of the year, which means our workshop is going crazy. With the last release of 2020 in view, we’re estimating to have our two major projects ready to be unwrapped and delivered before the countdown to the new year begins.

Our new dashboard is still in the works and is continuing to grow in development by the day. To keep the hype going, we’re talking new interactive graphs that take you directly to a static view of what makes up the data that you see on the dashboard. Data that allows you to look at ‘what has already happened’ but at the same time, take a look at ‘what’s coming up’.

Our new payment process will be walking into its final testing stages.
This new process involves some new background functions that address all historic issues and avoids anything from going wrong in the future, making it bulletproof!

Product Update

We’re releasing software updates once a month now, so we’re doing all that we can to ensure that each month starts off with a huge bang and full of exciting changes. This does mean that when we release an update, it will be a full Santa sack of goodies all at once!

We appreciate all the feedback we get on past and future releases and look forward to keeping you updated with all the changes that are coming up.