The Importance of Preparation Before Month-end

14 July 2021   |   by Mandy Welch

The Support Team have noticed recently that some clients are not reconciling daily or even weekly, they are leaving it till Month-end.

If there are any issues with reconciling, then a ticket is put in and support is expected. However, on Month-end day, the support team really need to concentrate on those people who need help urgently in regards to Paying out Owners or Rolling their Month-end, we do not have time to help with reconciling issues (unless it just happened on the day as you were reconciling).

So please, rather than us having to tell you we cannot help and you getting very stressed, please make sure you have the Reconcile up to date, prior to the Month-end day. We are happy to help the day before or the day after Month-end.

If you are unsure of Month-end and do not feel confident, then either try to book a Month-end about a week before (please note, that new clients on their first Month-end come first). We can do a dummy Month-end with you before Month-end, we have video help files and printed help files. Plenty of resources are available to make sure you are prepared. 

Make sure you know what reports to check the day before Month-end, so if you find anything that you need help to sort, you can contact us before Month-end. We also have a regular Month-end webinar that runs each month. Sign up for the July Processing Month End Webinar | Thursday 29th July at 11.30 am.

Thank you for your understanding as this will leave the Support team to help out with the actual Month-end emergencies.