The Start of the Second Half

The Start of the Second Half

July has two commonly associated flowers; the Larkspur and the Water Lily. With the second half of 2020 officially kicking off, we’re aiming to be like these flowers and have a month full of celebration and endless positivity. With our planned releases up our sleeves, we’ll have plenty to celebrate.

June Releases

We hope you enjoyed our recent updates. We held a few online focus groups and from this, we were able to prioritise and deliver items that will make a huge difference to your everyday use of Palace.

From navigational changes, a long-awaited update to our keys process, all the way down to a simple user interface change like having a new tenant invoice column. We hope these recent updates have improved your workflow and we look forward to delivering more updates like these in the coming months.

Missed out on all the excitement? You can find out all about the latest Palace releases.

What Happened?

Despite all the exciting updates and features from the last month, we ran into a speed bump towards the finish line. As you’ll be aware, we had some load balancing performance issues, the developers have now created fail saves around this to ensure this doesn't happen again.

What's Next?

What do we have up our sleeves you ask? Improving software performance is a high priority, so you can enjoy a continuously optimised user-experience. We will also work on the ability to use a smoke alarm multiple times within a property, as well as being able to assign inspections from one property to another. The new portal to submit and vote on ideas for us to consider working on as a part of our future product roadmaps will also be a great development.

Keep your eyes peeled for newsletters and release notes so that you don’t miss out on all the exciting changes we have planned.