Top 5 Support Issues for November

Top 5 Support Issues for November

Issue 1: Reversing a Tenant Invoice

When trying to reverse a Tenant Invoice - you may get a message that the invoice is already paid. You will not be able to reverse an invoice unless the payment is unassigned. This is easy to do. Follow these instructions to sort it out.

Issue 2: Strict Audit

Strict Audit stops you from doing some transactions and this can be frustrating, so we thought we'd delve into what Strict Audit is.

Strict Audit - No: this allows any payment to go through regardless of the balance (and will allow you to overdraw your ledgers). The biggest risk here is that you could overdraw your Trust Account. This option is not suggested.

Strict Audit - Owners: Palace checks the owner balance to see if there is enough money to pay a transaction. If there is enough, the transaction will be allowed. This allows one property to net-off against another (one property may go into a negative balance if there is enough money in another property to cover it - as-long-as both properties are owned by the same owner.

Strict Audit – Properties: Palace checks the property balance (and ignores the owner balance). If the property does not have enough money, the payment transaction will not be allowed.

If you want to do a reversal of a transaction from a previous month, and there is not enough money in the property and/or ledger accounts, it will not be allowed. EG, when reversing rent, the commission on the rent is also reversed from your management fee ledger. So even if the owner has money to allow a reversal, if your management fee ledger does not, the reversal will not be allowed.

Issue 3: Understanding the Back button

This relates to the internet understanding of the browser 'back' button. Back means back to where you've just come from. EG. If you are in a Tenant Edit screen and you click on Diary, and you don’t do anything and click on 'back', you will be taken back to the Tenant Edit screen. If, however, when in the Diary, you click on Email (and send an email) then click on 'back', it will take you back to the Diary. If you click 'back' again, you will not be taken to the Tenant Edit screen. You will be taken to the Email screen as this is where you came from. “Back to the last action” 

Issue 4: Owner Transfer - Owner has sold Property to a New Owner (management retained)

We are in the process of creating an automated procedure for this process. Until released, the steps needed are as follows.

Issue 5: Portfolio Summary Report Not Matching the Won and Lost Report

The Portfolio Summary report is a snapshot in time. It is created at the date/time that you run Month End. (It is not, by default, the end of the month, eg. 30th November. It is the date/time you run Month End, eg. 2nd Dec at 10 am).

The Won and Lost report works by date. If you run the report from 1st Nov to the 30th Nov, it may not match the Portfolio summary as someone may have marked properties as active/inactive on the 1st/2nd Dec. Read the full instructions on the Portfolio Summary report.