Top 5 Support Issues for September 2019

Top 5 Support Issues for September 2019

Each month we report the 5 most frequently asked questions for the month. This ensures our knowledgebase is up-to-date and provides an insight into what other users are struggling with and their solutions. We also note if it is a Palace issue and what we are doing about it. Last month's most Frequently Asked Questions were:

Issue 1: Watercare Invoices

We encountered various issues involving Watercare invoices, issues involved invoices not reading correctly, issues with on-charging to tenants, as well as the tenant comments not showing on the Bank Import Screen when matching.


1. What you may not have known - Bank Import: Comments on the tenant invoice show if you are only matching one invoice to the receipt, however, if you are matching your receipt to more than one invoice, Palace does not know which comments to show and it cannot show all due to space limitations. In this case, you will need to add your own comments.

2. When reversing a Tenant Invoice: If you get a notification that the invoice is marked as paid when trying to reverse it, follow these instructions to sort: How to reverse a Partially or Fully Allocated Receipt?

3. Water Rates Invoices not always reading correctly when scanned: There are a couple of reasons for this:

a) It is a photocopy of the original so the quality is not great and this becomes hard for the scanner to pick it up. (This is especially for invoices coming to

b) The printer settings may not be correct if using a 3rd party provider i.e Fuji, Ricoh or another 3rd party provider.

Issue 2: Supplier/Creditor Troubleshooting

Questions on how to read Supplier Transaction Reports, Document Flow and fixing supplier payment errors.


How to Read the Supplier Transaction Report
Why does my scanned invoice not show in Document Flow
Supplier Troubleshooting – Use these instructions below when trying to fix up a Supplier/Creditor error:

  1. Reversing a supplier invoice - Not yet paid to Supplier
  2. Wrong Property charged but correct supplier and supplier already paid
  3. Supplier paid but Invoice needs reversing

Issue 3: Inspections

We have spent the last 6 months doing a complete rewrite of the Inspection App and how it integrates with Palace. This was to address a more automatic integration so that inspections are not lost. It will also solve various other issues. The new changes are in testing for both Android and iOS. We are hoping to have it out in November. So watch this space because they are very big changes and you will need to attend webinars.

Issue 4: Reporting for Tenants and Owners

Help required for understanding how to read the Tenant Transaction reports and Owner Statements.

How to Read Tenant Summary
How to Read Tenant Details
How to Read all Owner Statement types

Issue 5: Training on Letting Fee

Lastly, we also had a few queries on how to setup and charge Owner Letting fees. Watch this 11-min tutorial to find out how to set up your Owner Letting fees and how to process the charges. Watch here

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