January Top 5 Support Issues

January Top 5 Support Issues

At the beginning of every month, we review the support tickets we receive. This helps us to identify parts of the software for improving the user experience. The end of the calendar year throws up some special cases which are explained in detail.

Issue 1: Cannot close-off month-end due to items presented in the wrong month

If you get this message, it means that when you did your last lot of receipting or presenting, you forgot to change the date back to the date of the end of month, i.e. 31st December and the items have been presented in January.

Issue No 1

To Fix: Un-present the items and re-present down using the correct date. Remember all items presented should be using the date of the bank statement they appear on.


Issue 2: Closed month-end using the wrong date and now cannot use bank import

When you close month-end, you should be using the date of the last bank statement that you receipted and reconciled. E.G. If you have receipted and reconciled on 30th December, but not 31st December, close the month using the date of 30th December. This allows you to do your bank import for 31st December the next day.


Issue 3: Closed month-end using the current month date by accident

A lot of customers closed their month using the date of the 6th January, instead of the 31st December. They then noticed reports showing them they were working in the month of February. If this happens, the best thing to do is nothing! Carry on with the month as normal. Once you have completed the next month-end, stop and do nothing else. Let us know and we will correct the history and the transaction dates for you.

month end

Please note that the month-end workflow screen will always show the current day, so you must remember to change it.


Issue 4: Tenant rent periods showing incorrectly on an owner statement

An owner statement is a snapshot of the month and is kept in PDF form, so if you make a change to a tenant rent, do a reversal for a transaction from the previous month or do a repost, this is not going to match the owner statement.

Another question is the tenant rent shows that it goes from the 15th Dec to 14th Dec, and that the owner is querying it. This is because the tenant either has not paid enough rent to cover a week or there is a rent increase about to happen in the period of expected rent. So Palace starts to have a look at the rent-from date (E.G. the 15th) and then realises there is not enough rent so it goes back to the previous paid-to date.


Issue 5: Payment - Expense
We have a lot of questions about reimbursing a tenant or paying a supplier that is not in the system and won’t be used again.

The best transaction for this is the Owner – Expense transaction type.

This allows you to pay someone directly from the Owners record without entering them in any way and then shows correctly in the YTD statement. Do not use Owner Payment as this will be marked down as a payment to the Owner.
Please Note: There is no ability to generate an online file so you will need to pay this manually.