Training vs Support

Training vs Support

We hear a lot of confusion throughout the industry when it comes to wanting assistance from support teams and trainers. This isn’t just with us here at Palace, this is with a majority of software providers. So we’d like to take this opportunity, with our first training update for 2020, to shed some light on this very topic for all of our valued clients.

Our trainers' primary focus is to train you on the Palace software and its features and functionality. There are a few different ways this training could take place:

- Onsite at your office
- Online, whether to a group or one-on-one
- Webinars
- Workshops

Through this training, our goal is to have each user of Palace comfortable on using the system on your own.

Occasionally, you may experience an issue or error that you need assistance with. If you are dealing with a Palace trainer, you may approach them for help only for them to direct you to the Support Team. This is due to the following:

- Each issue or error can be different, so it’s not a learning opportunity that your paid training is well spent on
- If trainers contact our support team for you, they just spend time in the middle of a conversation that would be better suited between yourself and support
- Our trainers are appointments based, which means when they are training another client they are unable to assist which would cause delays in rectifying the issue or error. 

As part of your software agreement with Palace, you have access to our superstar support team. This is a team of people that work full time managing our support tickets, so when you experience an issue or error you need to let them know. This can be done through:

- The help widget in Palace Liquid (under contact us)
- From the knowledgebase website
- By emailing
- Phoning 0800 472 5223

When you do need to log a support ticket, the best thing you can do to achieve a prompt resolution is to explain the issue or error you are experiencing. You can even add any supporting screenshots or reports when you log the ticket. The support team also have direct contact with our technical and development support, just in case your query needs additional assistance.

Our support teams primary focus is to assist in resolving any Palace software issues or errors, so when you may be talking to a support person and you pose a “how-to” question to them, they will do their best to answer your query however they may direct you to the Training Team for further training, or to the knowledge base where you can find specific instructions to follow.

We hope that the above has helped clarify why on occasion you might hear from the support team “Thank you, we’ll pass this onto the training team and they will be in touch”, or when you have heard from your trainer “Sorry, would you be able to log this directly with the support team to get it resolved”. We just want you to get the best and quickest resolution from the people within our company.