What a year it’s been for the Training Team!

What a year it’s been for the Training Team!

The training team would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for their involvement in training this year.

Whether it’s been signing into one of our many online webinars, attending a workshop, taking advantage of half-price user training, or having one of our trainers onsite with your team - your support is greatly appreciated.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank both Rosie and Nick here in NZ and Mathew over in Australia for all their efforts during 2019. They've been onboarding new customers, helping existing customers make the transition to the web, and of course, delivered online and onsite training sessions. They've played a big part in upskilling our customers, as have our support team who've assisted them.

It’s been a massive year. Our trainers have travelled up the country as far as Whangarei, and down as far as Invercargill, andover the Tasman too, completing over 3500 hours of training. I also spent a few months on the road earlier this year driving the beautiful roads of NZ. It was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed all the people I got to meet and train along the way. Oh, the exciting times that next year will bring!

In November, we saw the introduction of a workshop aimed at new users designed to take them through the basic functionality used in the daily operations of a property manager. The feedback, so far, is amazing. Thank you for those that attended the first workshops in Auckland and Wellington. Keep an eye out for more of these, as-well-as the new advanced workshop starting in February 2020.

This December, we are keeping webinars to a minimum. We do, however, have two sessions for a “Recap of Releases” webinar allowing you to review the recent changes. 2020 will see some brand spanking new webinars  – we can’t wait to share them with you. Webinars have always been free for you to attend and will remain that way in the new year.

As you know, the better you know how to utilise your software, the better experience it is for you and your customer interactions via the software. With this in mind, if you are wanting to secure any “kick start” training for 2020, email us at training@getpalace.com and let’s lock something in!

I will leave it at that for now and wrap this up by wishing you all a very safe and happy holiday period. Our support team are available on the normal working days should you need any assistance. I will also be working through this time to cover any training needs allowing our trainers some much deserved time off to relax.

Cheers, and see you in the new year!

Ange, Head of Training

Here’s what some of our clients had to say about their recent training experience



Simply outstanding, never easy training a couple of old farts in modern technology but Rosie is a legend and made it lots of fun - Chris



I’ve been training with Nick and he’s really easy to talk with. His knowledge and experience in property management and Palace software have really helped me to train fast. I can get any answers from Nick as long as I can come up with a question. He would always try his best to make sure things are sorted and follow up with issues. I was very anxious when I started up my property management business as I never used to do payouts or invoices. Nick has definitely been a great trainer taking me through every single step and now I’m so confident with the software. Even with initial Palace set up, I had a great experience with Ange, she’s very focused and efficient with helping to set up initial things with me. Rosie is one of the trainers Nick has arranged when he was away. She’s also very helpful and knowledgeable with that one training she helped me. I have great experiences with Palace so far, will always be a fan. Thank you for all the help - Grace



The trainer took her time and explained each area of the initial set up of Palace so it was easy to understand - Lynn



Great communication, friendly and helpful, knowledgeable - Rachel