When Month-End Falls on the Weekend

12 May 2021   |   by Mandy Welch

This month, the 1st fell on a Saturday, so most did their month-end on Monday 3rd and ended up with an error when closing Month-End. The error said, “There are items presented outside of the month-end date.”

When in the reconciliation screen, there is a date on the left-hand side, this must be changed back to the last day of the month before you present down the receipts for the last day of the month. I.e The Presented date must match the date of the receipts.

Palace automatically defaults to the day before today. So if it is Monday 3rd May, your reconciliation screen will say the 2nd May. You must change this back to the last day of the previous month.


If you do not change it and you present down your items using the May date, then you will get that error message at the end of the month.

Then you have to go back into the Bank Reconciliation screen, go to Presented items, scroll down to the bottom to find the date that was in the current month, i.e May (when you are closing April).

Unpresent the items, change the date to the 30th April and represent the items down again.
Then you can close your month.

Other important points to remember

  • Make sure you process any invoices through Document Flow on Friday, as you cannot change the date. So if you do them on Monday, they will be dated in the new month
  • When processing Charges and Invoices from the Dashboard, a pop-up box will appear asking you for the date, make sure you put it back to the last day of the month.